readline in XSB

The lack of readline support in XSB used to drive me mad. This deficit has been noted by others.

There is in fact a simple solution. Perhaps this is obvious, but I only just discovered it, and I couldn’t find it on a google for xsb readline so I’ve included it here:

* Install rlwrap
* Add something like the following to your .profile: alias xsb="rlwrap -C $HOME/XSB/bin/xsb"

Suddenly interactive programming with XSB becomes ten times easier..

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  • not-just-yeti  On November 27, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    Thank you!, I’d not known of `rlwrap` before.

    I found that, if `xsb` is in my path already, then `alias xsb rlwrap xsb` sufficed.

    (If I did use the -C flag, then I needed to still supply a command-name after the -C … but this is redundant when the two names would be the same.)

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