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It is done.

See previous post.


blip goes git

The anon svn server is down and likely to stay down, which is the final impetus for moving the repo to github, following in the footsteps of BioPerl. Thea is already on github.

I will most likely create a fresh project rather than attempting to migrate history with svn2git. Once the transition is done, I’d like to make a few organizational changes:

  • Rename all .pro files to .pl
  • simplify directory structure, package/blip/X/ –> X/
  • move from svn to github
  • merge phylo/ and homol/
  • merge curation/ and ontol/
  • separate project for each package? use git submodules
  • move sql/sql_schema/X to appropriate package; e.g. schema_enscompara to phylo/
  • test directory for each package
  • move test files to individual packages
  • separate distros/projects for non-bio stuff