Monthly Archives: July 2010

Support for OWLAPIv3 in Thea2

Thea2 now wraps OWLAPI v3. Support is provided for pellet and hermit out of the box.

There is now also additional command line support.

  • download and install SWI-Prolog
  • download Thea2 (for now you have to git clone and get the owlapi3 branch)
  • Add Thea2 to your path:

(assuming you install in ~/thea2)

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/thea2"

You can then use the thea-jpl script, which takes care of JPL setup, adding the owlapiv3 jars to your classpath etc:


thea-jpl testfiles/pizza.owl --reasoner pellet --reasoner-ask-all

shows all inferred axioms

For more examples, see Cookbook.txt