Support for OWLAPIv3 in Thea2

Thea2 now wraps OWLAPI v3. Support is provided for pellet and hermit out of the box.

There is now also additional command line support.

  • download and install SWI-Prolog
  • download Thea2 (for now you have to git clone and get the owlapi3 branch)
  • Add Thea2 to your path:

(assuming you install in ~/thea2)

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/thea2"

You can then use the thea-jpl script, which takes care of JPL setup, adding the owlapiv3 jars to your classpath etc:


thea-jpl testfiles/pizza.owl --reasoner pellet --reasoner-ask-all

shows all inferred axioms

For more examples, see Cookbook.txt

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